As In The Days Of Noah… Lots Of Warning …


 As In The Days Of Noah… Lots Of Warning …


8/28/18 2pm Earthquake Update Dutchsinse –
Dutch keeps telling us fracking for oil even around Yellowstone is causing the earthquakes.

Must watch! Experts Discuss Warning Signs of Eruption of YELLOWSTONE SUPERVOLCANO
Dr. shawnfost
Published on Aug 29, 2018

Real-Time Earthquakes Worldwide 24/7 LIVE – Live Stream

Trump Delivers Prophetic Warning To Christian Leaders!
The Mandela Effect was first noticed in 2009. Nelson Mandela died in 2013. The reason changes were called ‘the Mandela Effect’ was that people were under the impression that Mandela died in prison in 2010. Economic Chaos is still in the wings. I watch the Stock Market daily and it’s never done so well. .
It is not known how this Mandela effect is being done but it is causing division in the church and outside of the church. Not everybody sees the changes while others do.
The Bible is not the original KJV anymore, in fact there is none available anywhere.

The Mandela Effect Exploded After The 2014-2015 Biblical Blood Moon Tetrad! Part 1/3 very rare not again for 600 years953,555 views

Economic Chaos Is Being Predicted By The Shemitah In 2015/2106? (Bible Prophecy) Part 2/3
SEPTEMBER 23 2017 PROPHECY FULFILLED!!! Once In 7000 Years!! A Great Awakening!!! Part 3/3

2014 Apr. 15, 2014
2014 Oct.8, 2014
2015 April 4, 2015
2015 Sept. 28, 2015 [Ednote: Another Prophecy that went haywire – Planets were not where they were supposed to be according to positions within the Constellation Virgo. We were told that the Virgin (Virgo) was having the manchild. ]

Another Tetrad of Blood Moons in 2017. Red Moons are used as signs in the Bible of coming events. This was supposed to be a huge event for Christians.

Many Pastors and Watchmen thought the prophecy was for real.
For one thing if one knew Revelation, one would have realized that the timing was off. This woman signifies Israel and the 144,000, the twelve tribes of 12,000 each. She appeared in the middle of the Tribulation in the Bible. God warns not to manupulate Scripture. The Tribulation does not start until the peace agreement is signed by both parties and put into effect.
Had anyone checked the planetary positions they would have found out the planets were in the wrong places. Next is what went viral and is still used with some teachers..

The Revelation 12 Sign in 5 Minutes! September 23 2017 Alignment Explained What you need to know
Parable of the Vineyard

BAI – Voice Of God Technology – Mind Hacking
by BZ AM Riger – 27 August 2018
“Voice of God” technology leaked in Gov. docs for MIND CONTROL!

Artificial Intelligence is a problem that humans will not be able to handle physically. It requires G5 frequencies that penetrate our bodies and change our personal frequencies. Many will lose their jobs, due to robots and what they plan to pay people for not working is inadequate. So far they are offering $500 basic pay and run out of money quickly when they do a trial run.

For more information about A.I. church they have created as well as a god who is an IT

I – Voice Of God Technology – Mind Hacking
Harvard University’s Dr Robert Duncan speaks on the Voice Of God technology, Mind Hacking and Game theory.

Prince William OWNS Obama Care!
Yeshua Love
YouTube – Nov 15, 2013


BILL PASSED! Bibles To Be Outlawed In California!
David Heavener
August 30, 2018

The Battle Against Christianity in the US Began with President Obama.

He ran for Office as a Christian, who was supposed to be a member of the Church of Christ for 20 years and had partnered with Rev. Luis Farakhan who led a million man march promoting a mixture of Islam and Christianity confusing many blacks who attended the march. President Obama admitted once he got the Presidency that he was a Muslim and ridiculed the Sermon on the Mount by Jesus. In fact he stated that America is not a Nation Under God.
In 2012 Cephas Ministry of 20 years was suddenly completely deleted.
The site describes the persecution the Discernment Ministry underwent in 2012. The persecution has not ended to this this day. PayPal, Amazon, Credit Card Services closed down their access finishing off the library and bookstores. YouTube and Facebook are no different.

Anti-Christ UNVEILED: The Sun Rising in the West 2014

The Antichrist Will Return Amidst Engineered Anarchy 2017

Peter Kling: 2020-21 End of Religion; 3.5 years 666 PrinceWilliam; Nibiru & Christ Consciousness lands
Alfred Lambremont Webre
Published on Aug 17, 2018

Strong Meteor SHAKES Homes – Behemoth CAT 5 forming in Pacific –
Published on Aug 31, 2018

Inland Hills Lead Church Pastor’s Suicide – Went To Be with Jesus?
Aug 28, 2018
Inland Hills Church in Chino, CA Lead Pastor Andrew Stoecklein died Saturday after taking his own life/committing suicide. Many are comforted by the words from his wife who stated, “the pastor of our incredible church took his last breath and went to be with Jesus.”
Church, we need to talk.
Tune in for a powerful Holy Spirit filled and led broadcast on today’s Open Your Eyes People.
The Day of the Lord is at hand. Is your name in the Lamb’s Book of life?

This is of course only a smidgeon of what is going on.
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